An increasing number of consumers pay attention to nature and the environment. This is reflected in, for example choosing healthy foods, green power and separating waste. People also take this new focus point into account while reflecting about their next break or holiday. At Hotel Hotel De Brink we encourage this development. Hereunder you will find just some examples of our commitment to sustainability and how we fit this into our business:

  • We are a learning company and provide each year ten apprenticeships in the various schools and programs in the area (Meppel, Assen, Hoogeveen, Zwolle). In addition, we provide jobs to several employees with disabilities, whether or not combined with an education. Today we employ eight employees that initially started as student with us.
  • Half of our employees live in Dwingeloo or within a radius of ten kilometers: with low commuter traffic as a result.
  • We support many local organizations and foundations through donations and in-kind services.
  • Our reservations, accounting and administration are almost 100% digital. Both our kitchen team and the waiters/waitresses are working on tablets for orders, recipes and calculations. If we use any paper at all, at least twice.
  • Most of our wines are produced sustainably. A number, including some house wines, are organic, just like our coffee and tea.
  • IOur kitchen staff prepares a lot of local dishes, with local ingredients. The transport costs are kept to a minimum this way. Other major vendors often come from the local area, such as wholesalers, bakery, butcher and our wine supplier.
  • 90% of the lighting consists of LED bulbs.